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The story of how Briahna Ebelmare came to be the leader of the White Ravens, a rebel group dedicated to stopping the advance of the Overwatch.

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Fairytales From Mars is an anthology collecting the fables, folktales and, of course, fairytales from the colonies dotting the red planet. It is speculative mythology at its finest and we’re challenging creators to imagine the kind of stories that might emerge when humanity finally starts calling Mars its home.

Welcome to
Bad Neighbor Comics!

Bad Neighbor Comics began in 2018 with the successful funding of The Pub Crawl Anthology. This is the home of all my comic book projects, from collaborations to solo works, single issues to anthologies. I do other types of projects from time to time, and you’ll find those here too. 


Right now there's 2 books in production:


The first issue of The White Ravens was successfully funded on Zoop in May! Work is ongoing to finish the issue and get the comic out to backers.

In partnership with Joycat Comics, we're working on new anthology: Fairytales from Mars! We're hard at work on enough material to assemble a strong crowdfunding campaign, but in the meantime if you'd like a little four-page introduction, please take a look!

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