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Welcome to
Bad Neighbor Comics!

Bad Neighbor Comics began in 2018 with the successful funding of The Pub Crawl Anthology. This is the home of all my comic book projects, from collaborations to solo works, single issues to anthologies. I do other types of projects from time to time, and you’ll find those here too. 


Right now there's one announced book in production, with another yet-to-be-announced project in the works.


Fairytales from Mars was successfully funded via Kickstarterin October 2022! Co-Edited and co-published with Joycat Comics, Fairytales from Mars is a collection of 15 short comics about the stories developed by the first human settlements on Mars. If you'd like a little four-page introduction, please take a look.

The first issue of The White Ravens was successfully funded on Zoop in May 2022, and was shipped out to backed in December.

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