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I’ve always liked the notion of linking to other people/groups I have worked with or am working with in one way or another. Below, please find links to go check them out.


Dungeons & Randomness
live-play TTRPG podcast


I found this podcast in 2015 and quickly became obsessed with it, to the point where I joined the cast in late 2017. I've been fortunate enough to not only remain with the show for going on five years, but to also work with them on various projects (mostly books), and count many of the cast among my close friends.


Joycat Comics
makers of supervillain romance


I met Kristi, one half of Joycat, in 2017 and she was instrumental as a sounding board and source of advice during the conception and production of the Pub Crawl Anthology. I signed on to help their forthcoming title Gamer Girl & Vixen, Volume 2 as an editor, which has been a pleasure to see come together. Kristi and I are also co-producing the new Fairytales from Mars anthology!


Boston Comics Roundtable
a community of comics creators


My active participation with the group varies as my schedule (and global pandemics) allow, but the BCR remains a beacon for comics creators in the greater Boston area; the creative inspiration in attending a single one of their weekly meetings is enough to motivate me for months.

The Silent Chord
the webcomic collective


Now largely defunct, the Silent Chord was the first stab by myself and a group of other comic creators at getting ourselves out there. Of the six titles that originated by this site in 2015, only one is still running strong: Hans Vogel is Dead, by Sierra Barnes.

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