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The White Ravens 


A mysterious young woman is discovered by a group of rebels fighting a losing battle against an encroaching fascistic force. Will she give them the edge they need to win the fight? The first part of the story detailing major events that took place during the 17-year time skip of the Dungeons & Randomness podcast, Arc 1.

Deliberate Pac-tice


A series of videos in which I leverage my modest understanding of learning science to try and develop a practice methodology for the game Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. This is an experiment in self-education and learning how to learn.

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The Adventurers' Guide to Theria, Volume 1: Ellara

with Dungeons & Randomness

Managing Editor, Art Director, contributing artist and writer


From the murky and ominous Yemgar Swamp to the bustling and treacherous streets of Brightport, the continent of Ellara provides endless opportunities and challenging pursuits for brave adventurers. Explore the thrilling, unpredictable world of Theria with The Adventurer’s Guide to Theria • Volume 1: Ellara, following in the footsteps of legendary characters from the Dungeons and Randomness podcast—famous and infamous, triumphant and tragic. 

The Pub Crawl Anthology


A collection of 12 short comics celebrating one of the most ubiquitous story settings of all time. Bars, pubs, taverns, cantinas, saloons; whatever you call them, they always make for a good story. The comics in this anthology feature a wide variety of genres, themes, and tones, but with one thing in common: that all take place, at least in part, at the pub.

Pub Crawl Anthology Cover

[anything older than this is considered 'ancient history' and will not feature on this site]

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